10 Copyright 2023 Marline E. Pearson Providing: In a family, whose job is it to provide the income? Yours, your partner’s, or both? Is it more one or the other, or shared? What level of lifestyle do you expect? I expect… Work and Family: If you have children, what about caring for the child during infancy and the early years? Do you expect you’ll both work outside the home, one part-time, or something else? I expect… Household Chores: Who do you expect will do what? Is a clean and orderly home a big deal for you or not? Who cleans? Who cooks? How will you work this out? I expect… Raising Children: Do you expect both parents to be equally involved? How will you discipline? What are your thoughts on physical discipline vs. time-outs? Do you want to be strict, more like a child’s friend, or somewhere in between? What about consequences, chores, and curfews? Do you expect to bring your child up in a religious tradition? I expect… In any serious relationship, communicating about expectations is important. In preparing for marriage, it’s critical to explore expectations. Learn what’s important to each of you and where you will have to problem-solve differences. Check out CoupleCheckup.com. Sample Do Not Distribute my expectations
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