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5. Can we communicate well and fight fairly?
Can you both express your true feelings? Does your partner (or friend) seem to care about what you say? Do
you and your partner (or friend) manage strong emotions, like anger, in safe ways?
6. Does one of us pressure, use, manipulate, play games, or act phony?
Or, is the relationship/friendship real and honest? Describe.
7. Am I respected? Do I have standards?
Set a high standard for how you wish to be treated. Does your partner or friend treat you with respect and
care? And do you likewise? Are you setting a good example for your younger siblings or child?
7 Principles of Smart Relationships
1. Seek a good match.
2. Pay attention to values. Are they in sync?
3. Don’t try to change a person into someone they are not.
4. Don’t change yourself to get someone’s love or friendship.
5. Expect good communication.
6. Don’t play games, be phony, pressure, or use someone.
7. Expect respect. Have standards for how you are treated.
These principles are adapted from the work of Les and Leslie Parrott. Taken from the book Relationships
by Dr. Les Parrott, III and Leslie Parrott. Copyright. Used by permission of The Zondervan Corporation.
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