53 Copyright 2023 Marline E. Pearson Answer if you are Expecting or Parenting (if not, go to next page) Ask your TA, teacher, or leader for assistance in linking to support. Who is your go-to person (or who could it be) for questions about the pregnancy and baby? Is there a family center or a young parents’ group in your area that offers workshops and support? Ask your teacher, group leader, or the staff at your local library, community, or public health center for resources on how to best nurture your child’s development. (e.g., ZeroToThree.org, Parents.com, Fatherhood.gov, and the CDC are good starting places). Resources I found: Flip back and look at your response on page 51 about your relationship reality. Distribute Is your relationship safe? If not, are you getting help to leave safely? If you and your partner want a future, what do each of you need to work on? (For example: work on communication skills, deepen our friendship, have more fun together, attend a relationship skills workshop, finish my schooling, find employment, stay sober, etc.) Not How will your child benefit if you can cooperate? See handouts When Parents Aren’t Together (13e) and Child Support (13d). How will waiting on a 2nd child until your life is more settled benefit you and your child? Sample Do success planning
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