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Lesson 6 122
People that make the effort to do fun things together, no matter how busy life gets, are rewarded.
Over time, the people that keep fun alive have more satisfying relationships and friendships.
Research on happiness and fun also tells us it is important to do different things from time
to time. A great idea is to try out new activities to keep fun alive.
(PP) Divide into groups of three or four and announce there
will be a three-minute competition with prizes. Each group is
to brainstorm a list of ideas of fun things to do with a partner
or friend according to two criteria: cost and time. Some ideas
should be free, some should cost just a little, and others can
cost more. Regarding time, some fun ideas should take less
than a half-hour, take an evening, all afternoon, the whole day, or longer. Tell them
to mix it up and strive for variety, fun, and creativity. But, they all must come up
with a few fun ideas that are free.
Play music while they brainstorm and create their list.
When time is up, give prizes/candy to the group with the longest list. Have each
group read off their lists, with each subsequent group adding ideas not mentioned
thus far. As groups report their ideas for fun, instruct participants to jot down the
ones they like (and their own ideas) on their index cards. Suggest they tape the list
in their locker or notebook to remind them of things to do for fun.
Ask the group if they want to vote on the list with the most creative or different
ideas. Give that group prizes/candy. And then you can offer candy to everyone for
their creative contributions.
Activity: Fun Brainstorm
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