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Lesson 6 116
How Can You Tell?
(PP) Introduce the lesson to the participants:
In the last session, we learned about principles for smart
relationships. Now we’re going deeper to look for signs of healthy
versus unhealthy relationships.
Sometimes, the differences may not be clear. Especially if you
haven’t seen many good models of healthy relationships, it can
be hard to know.
So, how can you tell if a relationship is healthy and worth staying in?
There are 3 essential questions you can ask to determine if a relationship is healthy.
(PP) These three questions ask you how it feels deep down inside.
If you answer these questions honestly, you will know. These
questions, for the most part, can also apply to friendships.
1. Does this relationship feel conditional—as in you have to be,
act, or look a certain way? Or does it feel unconditional—
you are genuinely liked, even with your imperfections?
2. Does it feel disrespectful or controlling—meaning what you think or want doesn’t
matter the other person makes all the decisions? Or, does it feel equal, supportive,
respectful—the other person treats you like an equal, is supportive of you, and you
make decisions together?
3. Does it feel like the relationship is mostly about sex, status, or material things? Or
does the attraction feel like it’s on many levels?
Sculpting materials &paper plates
Music &equipment to play
Resource 6a: Six Types of Relationships
activity cards
Journal: Is It a Healthy Relationship?
(pgs. 19-20)
30 minutes
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