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Personal Plan
If you know your mind and consciously set down your intentions, you have a better chance of not sliding into
a deeper level of physical intimacy sooner than you intend or into unprotected sex. But intentions are never
enough. You need a real plan. Without a clear plan, it’s less likely you will stick to your intentions.
Whether you are sexually involved now or whether you are committed to waiting on sex or pacing things more
slowly, you need a plan. Answer either 1 or 2 to describe your plan. Everyone answers number 3.
1. Committed to waiting on sex? Pacing things slowly? Doing
things differently now or in my next relationship?
Intentions are never enough, especially so in the heat of the moment. You need a plan with clear
boundaries—discussed ahead of time.
Touch—what’s okay, not okay? How much, how far?
Amount and balance of time alone just making out vs. out doing things:
How will you make sure that as time goes on in your relationship, you don’t
slide into sex and risk STDs and/or an unintended pregnancy? If you do
have sex, how will you make sure it is a decision with a plan and not a slide?
my personal
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