9 Copyright 2023 Marline E. Pearson Power and Control: In a relationship, who makes decisions? One or both? What will happen when you disagree? If you’re in a relationship now, who has the power, and how do you feel about it? I expect… Living Together: Is it no big deal? A big deal? Only if committed to a future together? If you are living with someone, what are your expectations about the future, and where do you see the relationship going? I expect… Marriage: Do you want to find a life partner, to get married someday? Do you believe in “till death do us part” as an important intention? What are your views on divorce? I expect… Children: Do you want to have children someday? Or a second child? If the answer to either is yes, when? I expect… Money/Credit: In a marriage, should money be shared or kept separately? Separate or shared checking account or both? Should purchases be agreed upon? Only over a certain amount? What’s your attitude on credit cards? How much debt is okay or not okay? I expect… Sample Do Not Distribute my expectations
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