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It’s always a good thing to know what you expect in a relationship. The questions below can help you think
about your expectations. This work will help you communicate better with a partner about expectations. The
topics begin with expectations for relationships you might have at this point in your life. Others will ask you to
think about your expectations for the future when it comes to serious commitments like marriage and family.
Time Together/Time Apart:
If you’re in a steady relationship, how much time should a couple spend together? Doing things separately?
Doing what kinds of things separately? What’s okay or not okay?
I expect…
Sharing Feelings:
Should you share your feelings with your partner? All of your feelings? Even secrets or things that make you
feel weak?
I expect…
Alcohol and Drugs:
What are your views on alcohol and drug use? Do you expect to avoid these during your teenage years? What
about adulthood? Do you expect a partner to share your views?
I expect…
Who Should Pay When Going Out:
Whoever has the most money? Both partners equally? Take turns? Explain.
I expect…
My Expectations
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