55 Copyright 2023 Marline E. Pearson My Future—Pathways & Sequences Towards Success Increase your odds of achieving a middle-class income or higher and avoiding poverty. Finish high school (better yet, get additional education/training) to help you obtain full- time employment. A healthy marriage can add to your income level. And in addition to education and employment, if a person envisions children someday—and wants to do so with a partner in a stable and satisfying relationship—then the sequence of forming a healthy marriage before baby can make a difference. If you see having children in your future, what are the benefits of achieving the two key milestones of education/training and full-time employment, and then also following the sequence of marriage before baby? List any benefits you can think of for yourself as a parent and for the child—social and emotional wellbeing, health, financial, career/employment, parenting, etc. For a parent: For children: If children are not part of your future vision, what are the benefits for you of avoiding an unintended pregnancy while completing education/training and obtaining full-time employment? List all the benefits you can think of. Sample Do Not Distribute success planning
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