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My Education and Career Plans
What kind of jobs or careers do I see for myself? (For example: working outdoors or with
your hands, working with people, with children, industry/trades, healthcare, first
responder, retail, restaurant, STEM [science, technology, engineering, and math
fields], business, agriculture, military, recreation, teaching, the music industry or
graphic design, etc.)
What level of education and/or training will I need? (diploma, two-year associate
degree, military training, four-year college, technical training, etc.)
Write two specific steps you can take toward these goals: (For example: meet with my
school counselor, improve my attendance, do my homework, get my GED, job shadow,
volunteer or intern, talk to people in careers or apprenticeships I’m interested in, stay
active in stuff I like—sports, music, art, JROTC, etc.)
Step 1
Step 2
Describe how you will know you are making progress for each of the steps above.
Step 1—Signs of progress:
Step 2—Signs of progress:
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