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The Chemistry
of Attraction
When you’re attracted to someone, the feelings can be exciting and intense—you feel fabulous. A real change
in brain chemistry is happening to produce those feelings.
Tip: Enjoy the great feelings! But don’t read too much into them just yet. It could be the start of a great
relationship, but it could be that you’re falling for someone who’s just not right for you or who may have
serious problems. Focus on getting to know each other and on having fun.
Caution: From 3 to 6 to 9 months, the "love chemicals"
can keep you from seeing clearly and make it easy
to slide into risky relationships.
What You Might Not Be Seeing at First:
Have no common interests Controlling angry abusive
Just too different Abuses drugs or alcohol
Cheats won’t stay faithful Not committed to school/work
Very negative &moody Irresponsible with money
Lies can’t be trusted uses people In trouble with the law
Fake changes just to please others Not committed to child
And don’t forget to look in the mirror! Do you have any issues or problem behaviors that
you can work on to have healthy relationships in your life?
Remember 3 6 9 months! Go slow—go smart, don’t slide.
the chemistry
of attraction
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