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Signs of Greatest Danger
Makes you feel stupid start to lose your self-
Extreme jealousy-demands exclusive attention.
Keeps tabs on you checks cell.
Controls who you talk to, where you can go.
Tries to cut you off from family/friends—
isolates you.
Hits, shoves, slaps you. Often says you provoked it.
Threatens, scares, injures you, forces sex.
Has a gun and has made threats with it.
Unwanted sexual touch and continues to
pressure you after you say no.
Guilt trips you makes you feel you owe them sex.
Badgers you, yells at you, holds you down.
Pushes alcohol or drugs on you to get you to
“loosen up.”
Makes you feel threatened or afraid if you say no.
Involved in a fast-moving relationship with a big
age or financial difference—especially with tales
of romantic or everlasting love.
Being showered with gifts, compliments, money,
or promises sounding too good to be true told
they have the answers to your problems.
Offered a plane ticket to meet up with this
person you’ve met online.
Being blackmailed by nude photos/videos
you’ve sent.
Everyone is worthy of
love, kindness, caring,
protection, and respect.
Safety Note:
Talk to a trusted adult if you’re concerned or
afraid for yourself or a friend.
These websites are full of information,
quizzes, videos, and tips (how to know, how
to help a friend, what’s a healthy relationship,
ways of sexual coercion, signs and stories of
grooming for sex trafficking, and so much
more). Go to the following websites and
browse the tabs to see what’s there.
LoveIsRespect.org for dating violence
information and help 24/7. Text “loveis” to
RAINN.org for sexual assault information
and help 24/7. Live chatline or call 800-656-
HumanTraffickingHotline.org for
information and live chat. Text 233733 or
Call 1-888-373-7888.
A safe and trusted adult I can go to: ________________________________________________.
of respect
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