Lesson 6 121 Copyright 2023 Marline E. Pearson Supplemental Content SECTION 6.2 Having Fun—It’s Important! I n this very brief section, participants will learn that having fun and continuing to have fun is important to successful and healthy relationships. Participants will brainstorm and share ideas for fun activities they like to do. (PP) Introduce the idea of why fun is so important to healthy relationships: Having fun, believe it or not, is very, very important to a satisfying relationship. Doing enjoyable things together helps two people feel connected to each other. Happy experiences create a positive bond, making it easier to tackle the problems of everyday life and cope with irritation and stress. Explain what often happens to fun in long-term relationships or marriages: So, what happens to fun in a relationship or many marriages? Most couples start with fun as part of the relationship. As life gets busy, couples often let time for fun slip away. When there is free time, it is easy to slide into watching videos, playing computer games, or checking your social media accounts. A decision could be made to spend some of that free time having fun with a partner, a friend, or family members. There is nothing bad about videos, computer games, or even social media, but it can be awfully easy to make them the major things we do. Did you know research shows people are happiest when they are out doing things, spending time with others, or working on some hobby or interest? Flipchart paper, markers Prizes/candy 4x6 index cards Equipment to play music 5 minutes
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