Lesson 6 115
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Popsicle/craft sticks
Small sugar spice drops or mini marshmallows
6 Sturdy large paper plates or cardboard squares for sculptures.
Supplemental: One 4 x 6 Index card for each participant, Section 6.2
Is It a Healthy Relationship? (pgs. 19-20)

Preview the PowerPoint slides as you read through the lesson, especially to see
pictures and descriptions of sculptures constructed by past groups.

Locate the colored Six Types of Relationships activity cards (Resource 6a). The
colored activity cards are located in the back of the manual. Cut.

Gather sculpting materials (they are reusable). Put materials for each group in
a two-gallon Ziploc bag for easy distribution. Each bag should contain 2 Play-
Doh colors, 6–8 pipe cleaners, several toothpicks, some spice drops or mini
marshmallows, and 8 colored craft sticks. Have a reserve of extras for any group
needing more. Be sure to have 6 sturdy paper plates or cardboard squares on which
to place sculptures.

Select music to play during entering class and during sculpting activity.

Review the journal pgs. 19-20.

Duplicate Resources 6b and 6c back-to-back for the Trusted Adult Connection. Also,
duplicate Resource 6d as an option for the Trusted Adult Connection.
Preview both songs in the PowerPoint slides and select one to play.

Supplemental: Review Section 6.2 on fun and decide if you will use it.
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