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Love Adviser
Imagine you are a relationship expert and a couple planning to marry wants your advice (they can be of any
sexual orientation). They truly love each other and want it to last. They had a child 10 months ago, and they
want their child to grow up within a healthy and lasting marriage. Neither of them had that as a child.
You know that chemistry, friendship, and trust/commitment are all important in keeping love alive. Offer
this young couple advice on how to keep all 3 sides strong.
Consider couples you’ve observed (relatives, neighbors, parents, friends, or couples on TV or in film).
Can you think of a couple that is doing a good job showing and living their commitment to each other?
What behaviors show it?
Do you know a couple who tends to the romantic side of their relationship? What behaviors show it?
Have you seen a couple who is good about communicating, staying in touch with each other, and
having fun like good friends do? How does it show?
Offer advice on specific behaviors—things they can do. Don’t forget that it’s easy to ignore one or more
sides of the love triangle as life gets busy with jobs, kids, and a home. Don’t be afraid to tell them some
don’ts to warn them about things that weaken one or more sides of a relationship.
Trust &Commitment:
it strong
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