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Sliding into sex can lead to
having a child too soon.
Most of us probably agree that having a child ought to be
at the top of the relationship pyramid after commitment/
marriage so as to provide an advantageous environment for
the child. But for many, a baby comes along before the other
aspects of a relationship ever develop.
Think about it from the eyes of a child. You can
always break up with a partner, but a child can’t break
up with a parent. That child will probably long for a
relationship with the other parent.
Sliding into sexual relationships can lead to an
unplanned pregnancy (or 2nd pregnancy) either
because you went beyond where you intended sexually
or you did not use contraception carefully.
Ask yourself: Are you at a place in life where you are
ready and able to commit/marry and parent? And,
would the person you got pregnant with be ready to
commit for the long haul to raise a child together?
If you are a parent now, ask yourself about the benefits
of waiting on having a second child until you are
more settled with school and employment and with a
committed partner/married.
You can always break up someone you like, but a child can’t break up
with a parent.
Sex and Sliding
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