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2. Values, Contexts, and Pacing:
Reflect on your values and what’s important to you. In thinking about where you draw your line, what do
you, or would you, want that level of physical intimacy to mean? For example, nothing? Mutual romantic
interest? Love? A relationship, and if so, how serious or committed?
Now consider context and pacing: In thinking about what fits with your values, what’s okay to do when,
and with whom? Under what conditions, and when, would you consider moving your line?
3. Risks and Benefits:
What are the risks or benefits of where you set your line or want to reset your line? Consider health,
emotional, and social benefits and risks, as well as how it may impact your future goals.
Risks: If there are risks to where you set your line, what are they, and what steps are you taking to reduce
those risks?
If you are in a relationship now, have you
talked to your partner about this? l Yes l No
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