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Lesson 6 128
Get perspective. Most people go through more than one romance. This is a normal part of
life. From a relationship that ends, you can grow wiser and more insightful about yourself,
what you are looking for, and how relationships should be. Talking with a caring adult can
give you some needed perspective.
Beware of rebounding. Don’t hop into another relationship right away to make your ex
jealous or to make yourself feel better. This is not a good idea at all. Give yourself time.
Get busy. When you are out of tears, get busy and get outside. Do things with friends or
family. Go biking, swimming, jogging, skating, kick a ball, shoot baskets, or take walks.
Make it a point to do something physical every day.
Get going with life. Call a friend and make plans. Don’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself.
Remember, things get better with time.
Caution: If you are depressed and crying several months later, seek out a parent, relative,
trusted adult, or school counselor to help you deal with your emotions and gain perspective.
Supplemental Content
(PP) Consider playing one of these songs that offers important
reflection messages for discussion on breaking up. Ask them to
listen to the lyrics carefully.
Sam Smith (Too Good at Goodbyes) sings, “never want to get
close again…never want to open up my heart to someone again.”
Ask the group what they think about closing themself up after a disappointing
relationship or friendship. Might going slowly help a person discover if they are a
good match and worthy of you?
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