Major Strength: Decisive and action oriented. Forceful, argumentative, and robust are three words that describe you.
Considered natural born leaders because they have a very high need for control and unusual leadership abilities.
Pitfalls: You can be too rigid. “My Way or the Highway” thinking can cause people to leave you.
You can be focused on yourself and not enough on others around you.
Your gruff exterior can keep people from really knowing and loving the best parts of you.
Reds love being RIGHT. There are times that they would rather be RIGHT than be loved.
You must remember that your opinions are just opinions—not facts.
Your tendency to make your temper or bad mood someone else’s problem damages trust in your relationships.
Your competitive nature causes you to view the world from a win/lose perspective. Since you love to win, it means
others must lose.
Relationship Pitfalls
Each personality type has strengths and pitfalls. Below, a major strength of each color is listed first. There are a number of potential
pitfalls or problem areas listed for each color type. These can be useful to think about in terms of who you are and how you treat others.
The descriptions can also help you think about who in your life is different from you, and how you can best relate to them.
Red Personality Tendencies Watch Out for these Potential Relationship Pitfalls:
Purple Personality Tendencies Watch Out for these Potential Relationship Pitfalls:
Major Strength: Getting things done. Purple personalities are often behind-the-scenes leaders. Distribute
They don’t care for center
stage, they only care about results. They enjoy the tasks involved in supervising people to get something accomplished.
They love starting and finishing projects successfully. Sample
They are self-disciplined, efficient, and self-responsible.
Pitfalls: You can be focused on yourself and your work and not enough on others around you.
You are at war with time. You believe there is never enough time.
You can have difficulty getting your priorities in order—tunnel vision can harm your relationships.
You love having the RIGHT answer to a problem.
You have a difficult time understanding people who think differently than you.
Your focus can be very narrow. This, at times, can cause your communication to be abrupt.
Your tendency to be efficient can leave your family and friends feeling left out of your life. You need to remember to
make time for the people you love and love them in a way that feels like love to them.
You tend to define yourself by what you are able to accomplish and produce instead of the quality of your
Blue Personality Tendencies Watch Out for these Potential Relationship Pitfalls:
Major Strength: You are accurate and precise. Blue personality types have a strong desire to do things “the right way.”
They not only read instruction manuals, these are the people who write them. They are great quality control people.
They love accuracy. They make wonderful accountants, engineers, architects, etc.
Pitfalls: You have a tendency to be a perfectionist. This can make you, and all those around
you, very unhappy.
Sometimes you don’t communicate your feelings because you can’t find the perfect way to do it.
You sometimes think too much about things.
You tend to judge others, but that may actually make you (and others) unhappy and frustrated. Try to be more
understanding. It could turn your world around.
You have a tendency to procrastinate, which can cause you personal and professional problems.
Watch out for a tendency to talk down to others, to be a “know it all,” or treat others without respect.
You can be a black-and-white thinker. Try to see more shades of gray.
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