2 Copyright 2023 Marline E. Pearson What kinds of jobs or careers can I imagine for myself? (For example: working outdoors, with my hands, with children, industry/trades, IT, healthcare, first responder, retail, restaurant, STEM [science, technology, engineering, and math fields], business, agriculture, military, recreation, teaching, music industry, graphic design, etc.) What level of education and training do I need for the career I want? (For example: high school diploma, 2-year associate degree, 4-year college degree, military training, apprenticeship, graduate or professional school, etc.) As I think about my future, do I want to get married/find a life partner someday? Have children? If so, what would I want to have accomplished or have in place before marriage and/or starting a family? Identify 2 things, small or large, that you can do to move towards your goals: Be specific. (For example: attend school regularly, meet with a college counselor, job shadow, volunteer or intern, get a part-time job, look into apprenticeships, stay away from drinking/drugs, stay involved in things I like— sports, music, JROTC, dance, art, etc. ) 1. 2. Are there things you are doing now that might get in the way of you reaching your dreams? (For example: procrastinating, skipping school, not doing homework, smoking weed or drinking, unprotected sex—risking pregnancy, poor relationship choices, hanging with the wrong people, etc.) Myself— My Future Sample Do Not Distribute myself—my future
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